Project// Soloists’ Symphony

“SOLOISTS’ SYMPHONY” is a serial by LAB Orchestra started in the beginning of 2014, in which we play extraordinary variations of famous symphonic works rewritten for chamber music. In the concerts the number of instruments is reduced to the absolute minimum. So each voice is played quasi by a soloist. Next to typical chamber music instruments there is also an accordion on stage which is rather unusual for orchestra pieces. This and the reduction of the players provide a completely new sound experience in which the symphonic pieces appear in a fresh and pure way. Inspiration for this project the LAB Orchestra got from the “Ensemble Mini” (Berlin) and their sensational “miniMahler” concerts.



So far the LAB Orchestra has performed the following arrangements:

Ludwig van Beethoven
3rd Symphony “Eroica” (arranged for 12 players by Tanel Nurk)
Overture “Coriolan” (arranged for 12 players by Tanel Nurk)

Franz Schubert
8th Symphony “Unfinished”, 1st movement (arranged for strings, piano and accordion by Nicolaj Hansen)

Gabriel Fauré
“Pavane” (arranged for 9 players by Jan Van Duffel)