Project// Audio-visual Concert of Emotions

  • These EMOTION concerts take the audience with music, video projections and readings into a different space: the world of music and literature.


    Our concert idea combines classical music with literature and video art. Central role plays the music with its moods and expressions. We want the audience to re-feel this emotions live during the concert. Video projections support these musical expressions. Readings introduce the different emotions and guide through the concert. In our case we will read parts of one specific book but it would be also possible to use different stories, comics, etc.

    When it comes to the way of performance the audience is placed in an untypical listening position: the people will sit on stage together with the musicians. This brings the audience from the usually passive role into an active role. The video-clips are projected on white curtains around the stage and will create different “rooms” according to the musical emotions. So the audience is – while sitting on a theatre/concert stage – taken “outside” on a journey into different spaces. The people will get a feeling of being right at the moment at a place far away.

    Music and Ensemble

    The played music is choses according to the topic and can include classical but also contemporary pieces. The size of the ensemble can verify between chamber orchestra, small string orchestra or chamber ensemble.


    The chosen literature is depending on several aspects such as artistic intention, music, target groups or market aspects (country of performance).


    With our project we want to define and implement a new form of narrative music theatre. On the music side it stays traditional and on the performance side the modern appearance and the combination with other fields of art are designed for new audiences and their interests; to
    make them listening to this music.

  • On 25th November we are going to have our first audio-visual concert of emotions; this time based on The Master and Margarita. The concert will take place in Tallinn within the competition “EK:Labor” organized by the Estonian concert producer “Eesti Kontsert”.