CONCERT// Auftakt_

22/08/2013_ 19:00// Jaani Kirik Tallinn

The LAB Orchestra is presenting young conducting talents from all over the world.


CONCERT// Nocturne

2013, June 27 _ 23:00// Kultuurikatla Aed

The ANSAMBEL YHEKSA is performing various pieces related to the topics night and light. It wants to give the listeners a both beautiful and magical experience.


SCHOOL CONCERTS// Music to Touch

04. & 06.03.2013// Schools in Tallinn

What is music? Like the Famous young people’s concerts of Leonard Bernstein and the New York Philharmonics the children will learn more about music from professionals.


CONCERT// Amidst the Music

21.02.2012 // 20:00_Lauluväljak, Klaassaal

This concert is more an experimental education project than a concert itself. Details of the music itself will be experienced differently and will make the audience listen concerts in future in a new way.