The LAB Orchestra was chosen as a candidate to take part at the EK:LABOR competition and takes part with their new idea called ”In a Different Space”.

The LAB Orchestra was chosen as a candidate to take part at the EK:LABOR competition, which state producer “Eesti Kontsert” organizes this year first time. The competition wants to find and support young concert producers with the approach to reach new target groups with young and innovative concert ideas. Next to the LAB Orchestra there are two other competitors who will present their new concert programmes in October this year.

The LAB Orchestra takes part with their new idea called ”Erinevates paikades”. These storytelling concerts take the audience with music, video projections and readings into a different space, the world of music and literature.

“Our concert idea combines classical music with literature and video art. Central role plays the music with its moods and expressions” says the LAB Orchestra’s artistic director, Tanel Nurk. Video projections of different kinds support these expressions and give the audience a feeling of being right at the moment at a place far away. Each concert has a literary topic which can be a specific book, different stories, comics, etc. Readings introduce and guide through the concert.

Markus Köcher, LAB Orchestra manager says about the project: “With our project we want to define and implement a new form of narrative music theatre. On the music side it stays traditional and on the performance side the modern appearance and the combination with other fields of art are designed for new audiences and their interests; to make them listening to this music.”

For the ”Erinevates paikades” project the LAB Orchestra could win Karl Saluveer, (video artists and marketing specialist), Martina Tramberg (film and event production specialist) as well as Anastassia Dratšova (advertising and event production specialist).


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