The LAB Orchestra

The LAB Orchestrais the new project of young classical musicians in Estonia. Foundend in 2012 by the German culture manager Markus Köcher and the Estonian conductor Tanel Nurk the project seeks new ways of performing classical music; to strengthen classical music in the modern society. The character is open. So it is less an orchestra and more of a forum: a pool of young musicians.

What can the orchestra of the future look like? What does it take to bring classical music back to everyday life?

The LAB Orchestra wants to develop a different concert practice and an other appearance of classical orchestras. It seeks a way to develop musical innovation with no “from the top downwards” structure and wants to provide different education structures and programs.

All actions are progressive; the process is the main goal!

Open structure of a modern orchestra

The structure of the new ensemble has to be as open as music itself! Different projects take place under the same brand, from small ensembles to symphony orchestras: a pool of musicians and ensembles. It is less an orchestra and more of a forum.

With the project we also give young talented musicians the opportunity to perform concerts and present their musical ability regularly to an audience.